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When we started

Year 2007 (way before food trucks hit the street scene) was when we started selling at Temecula Farmers Market.  Initially, we planned to sell skewers but Gale, market manager, wanted something different.  She suggested fish tacos.  Thinking back to how we prepared fried fish in Asia and the famous baja style fish taco, we created a recipe based on mix culture, Mexican and Far East Asia.  Our house made sauces are prepared with fresh ingredients, gluten free, and no preservatives  rendering bold, complex, and exquisite flavors.  We stayed true to our own style, no fancy smanchy, just honest, clean, fresh food.  


One blogger wrote (

I used to work in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and I ate my way through that city--it's teeming with excellent street food. So I am skeptical when I see an establishment which does not appear to be a hepatitis outbreak waiting to happen and yet still promises "street food." Well. Check out this place--get the fish tacos. With everything. Definitely the Park Place/Boardwalk of street food, but you won't resent the frou-frou aspect. They have excellent service, a creative menu, and the food is noteworthy.



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